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Freemasons and Catholics to Clash when Kufour Die

Believe it or not, the crave for earthly power and glory has landed ex-President John Agyekum Kufuor in a huge dilemma with a confusion surely to ensue between the Roman Catholic Church and his powerful secret society, the Freemasons, at his funeral and burial.

Ex President Kufour  was born a royal; the seventh of ten children to Nana Kwadwo Agyekum, head of the Oyoko royal family, and Nana Ama Dapaah, a Queen mother at Dabaa in the Ashanti region. The Oyokohene is the direct uncle of the occupant of the Golden Stool.This is the burial ground for the royal family of which ex-president Kufour is a part. It is just across the road from where his family house is located.’
Mr. Kufuor’s predicament is best explained in Nigerian film called “The Last Burial”. In it, a powerful, rich and influential man called Ogbuefi, belonged to a potent secret society called “Shankiki,” and at the same time was a staunch member of the Catholic Church.
His family house
His time was up, and death came beckoning, as per the membership commitments and ties he had with the occultist group, his family was left in shock, struggling to comprehend a tussle for the sole right to perform his final burial before he is made to rest.
While the Catholic Church just wanted to pray for his soul to rest in perfect peace, the occults group was interested in eating up his heart as per the rites performed on dead “Shankiki” followers. There was a huge battle until breakthrough came.
Ex-president Kufour unknown to many, is a member of the Freemasons, and belongs to the United Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of England, which he served as a Senior Grand Deacon (SGD) and a Grand Sword Bearer (PGSwdB). Mr. Kufuor at least for now, worships as Roman Catholic as well and recently got the prestigious Knight Commanderhood Order of Pope Pius IX conferred on him by Pope Benedict XVI.
The Freemasons are hated bitterly by the Vatican, and all Roman Catholic worshipers have been prohibited by the Pope, from joining. Anybody who disobeys this order automatically ceases to be a member of the church.
Ex-President Kufuor’s double life as Freemason and at the same time, a Catholic, puts his corpse in a wedge between the two groups at his funeral unless he denounces one.
The interesting thing is that Mr. Kufuor has hugely locked up himself. Nobody dumps the Freemason after stepping into their lodges and knowing their darkest secret and rituals. They are, indeed, very powerful with connection to both the White House and the Buckingham Palace.
They run through the military, police, banks, judiciary, academia, politics, media, among others, with blackmail as their biggest weapon. Mr. Kufuor faces blackmail should he choose the church over the Freemasons. The church will also accuse him of being antichrist should he choose the Freemasons over it.

The article in circulation within the Roman Catholic Church in Ghana mentions Mr. Kufuor’s adulterous affairs with Gizzle Yadzi, endemic corruption, murders, narcotic drugs which floated on the shores of Ghana during his tenure as president among other things and said he does not deserve the title.

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