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10 Lottery Winners Who Gave the Money Away

money given away

At some point, we have all thought about what it would be like if we won the lottery, and for many it would change our lives drastically. For once, you don’t have to worry about the expenses or price of an item, you can afford all the products you want, and most of lottery winners usually spend the money on themselves.
However, there are some people who have won a large sum of money, some more than others, and just gave it away to charity in hopes of making the world a better place. When it comes to the greater good, these people spare no expense and willingly depart from their winnings.
While most would remain tempted and usually do keep the cash, the following are ten people who were able to part with some or all of their winnings to assist the less fortunate. Let’s get on with these incredible people.

#10: Jim Dancy

jim dance lottery
jim dance lottery
Photo credit: Greater Kalamazoo United Way
When Jim Dancy won $10,000 in the Michigan Lottery Club, he decided that there were other people in the world that could need the money more than he did. The only decision he really had to make was who to donate the winnings too.
After some thought, he choose to donate all of the winnings to Greater Kalamazoo United Way. This allowed him to feel great about helping organizations and charities make things better for others.
“My friend Julie was my biggest influence, as she taught me to begin thinking about others first, and not myself. I acknowledge the help needed in our community is high at the moment, so it seemed like the right thing to do.” said Dancy during an interview.

#9: Hilda Floyd

After winning the Idaho Lottery’s Million Dollar Raffle, Hilda went home with a check for $1 million. Although, within just seconds of being handed the check, she said she already knew what to do with it.
She had already made the decision when buying the ticket. If she was to win, she would donate the money to those who needed it more, and she went through with that promise.
Ten months after the win, she had donated nearly 90% of the money through various charities, family members, and her church.
Floyd stated during an interview that “you can only possess so much money, after a point, what do you need it for? Giving it to others makes a difference in someone’s life.”
After various interviews, Floyd made it known that she would not have been as happy had she kept the money, as she knows it is helping others in need. Her choices inspired other people to do the same.

#8: Allen and Violet Large

Allen and Violet Large
Allen and Violet Large
This couple, aged 75 and 78, had no intentions of winning $11.2 million. The way they won is nothing short of shocking. Violet called the lottery hotline after cleaning house to check on her ticket. A few minutes later, she noticed she was holding the jackpot winner, and that is when she told Allen, her husband.
Once they received the money, they did what most others wouldn’t do – they gave away every last cent. The money was divided between family members and more than 60 public organizations such as hospitals and fire stations.
They both stated that it was their goal to give away the money had they won, ever since the first ticket, with Violet stating “we are not accustomed to having that kind of money, so we wanted to give it to those who treated us right.”

#7: Ray and Barbra Wragg

This couple realized they won the jackpot on January 2010, and they won $11.8 million. The couple spent some of their new winnings as most of us would, but decided to do what most of us likely wouldn’t, and donated the majority of it by the end of the year.
“Winning the lottery, it changed our lives, not us. We remain the same, and we were able to make many people happy” stated Ray Wragg in an interview.
They split the money between family members, hospitals, charities, friends, and strangers that didn’t have anything. This just demonstrates that it is possible for a couple people to make a large difference in the world if they have the correct attitude. Of course, a large amount of money helps too. To make things even funnier, they continue to play the lottery and say that they would like to win again so that they are able to give it away and help even more people.

#6: Tom Crist

tom crist photo
tom crist photo
Photo credit:
During a vacation in California, Crist received a call. The lottery officials in Canada informed him that he just won $40 million. However, he didn’t start planning for a shopping spree or a lavish trip.
He had actually remained quiet about the winnings and didn’t even tell his friends until getting back to Canada.
“I was unaware of what game or numbers I won with.” He said during an interview with the lottery. “I simply pay for a subscription and renew it each year. I would get a check for $10 or $20 here or there, but never did I think I would be getting $40 million.”
Once receiving the winnings, he donated all of it to charity, honoring his late wife Jan that had passed away at the age of 33 from cancer two years before. Even his children agreed with his choice and supported his donations through various charities and cancer research facilities.

#5: Margaret Loughrey

Loughrey lived in Northern Ireland and lead a simple life until she won the jackpot for EuroMillions. Although, she was not intending on spending all the winnings on herself, instead she chose to give half of it away the minute she got it.
“I understand what it is like to have nothing to your name, and that is why I gave it away. I’m not able to miss what I never really had.” is how she responded to being asked why she gave it up.
She was unemployed and struggling, so she wanted to help others in the same position, stating that “they just need the chance.” to Sunday Life.
She assisted in finding employment for those who were unemployed and looking for work, and she invested some of the half she kept to the Hersman’s Hill, Sion Mills, an attraction for tourists hoping to create more jobs for the community.

#4: Sheelah Ryan

Sheelah-Ryan -Lottery
Sheelah-Ryan -Lottery
Winning the jackpot in the Florida lottery in 1988 gained Sheelah Ryan $55 million, and she used that money to start a charity for helping the homeless and elderly called The Ryan Foundation. She also helped out on other causes, from rescuing cats to helping children,
She told an interviewer in 1988, “I believe it was God’s grace that I won. I realize I won for a reason, and I decided to help others in need.”
Ryan passed away on September, 1994 due to cancer, just six years after winning. She was 69 years old. However, her vision lives on with the Ryan Foundation, and it still uses the same money she invested.

#3: Shaw McBride

Similar to Hilda Floyd, McBride knew right away what he was going to do with the $159 million he won. He said it was only right that he did right by others and gave the money away to those who needed it more. He also reported to have found God, and that he is still guiding him.
McBride gave every penny away over the period of a few months and spread it across various organizations and charities, although, most of them have stayed classified. Even so, it is still shocking that anyone could be so outrageously selfless.

#2: Chris and Colin Weir

This couple struck riches in 2011 when they won a massive amount of $249.8 million from EuroMillions. They decided to give the money back to the people, as they found more happiness in doing that than in spending it on material objects.
It was reported that at least 80% of their winnings were donated to Scotland’s pro-independence campaign. They stated, “The scots will not vote because of the amount we give to a certain campaign, they are going to choose because of being well informed. That is the reason we donated what we did, to ensure well-informed debates.”
Due to their generous donation, they were able to have part in a change in the country. Currently, the pro-independence campaign remains active and has more people supporting and backing it than ever before.

#1 Roy Cockrum

Roy Cockrum Lottery
Roy Cockrum Lottery
Photo credit:
Being the largest winner in the history of Tennessee jackpots, Roy Cockrum won $259 million with the Powerball.
His plan was to take a small portion of the winnings and donate the remainder to various organizations and charities. His vision was to assist the needy and make the world a better place for people. He had actually been at a medical appointment with his mother when he heard about his winnings.
After winning, he was able to move back to his hometown to take care of his parents after being gone for several decades.
Cockrum stated in an interview that “it literally took me to my knees. I had a simple prayer, for the Lord to have Mercy. I knew life had to go on though, so I picked my mother up with the ticket in my pocket and was walking around that morning with a $259.8 million winning ticket.”

Could You Do It?

We’re sure we have all heard that money is the root of all evil, but this was a list of 10 people that were able to overcome the evil of greed and help others out, most by giving away the whole amount. This shows that money can be used for doing good as well, especially in larger amounts.
However, you do not have to win the lottery to help out those in need, even though it certainly wouldn’t hurt. There are people who help others every day that are less fortunate in various ways. This list should help provide some honest self-reflection rather than envy.
So, if you won a large amount, $1 million or $100 million, would you be able to donate all of it, or half of it? Or would you be like the majority, who would begin planning a getaway and luxuries that you’ve only dreamed of?
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