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If Blacks Read These Islamic Texts About Muhammad, They’d Never Be Muslims

Islamic Text On Muhammad's Racism Prove There Should Be No Black Muslims

Do you think these African Muslims know about the white Islamic Prophet Muhammad’s abuse and insult of his own black slaves, or do they simply support it?
Islam is the fastest growing religion among blacks around the world, with dark-skinned races flocking to mosques across the globe. However, what lesser known Islamic scriptures reveal about Muhammad’s skin color and what he preached about black people prove not only that Islam is the most racist religion on earth, but that no black person should ever convert to Islam.
Philosophy lecturer David Wood takes us on a sarcastically witty journey through forgotten and often purposefully hidden hadith passages that extensively detail the Islamic Prophet Muhammad’s racist past.
In his brilliant video, Wood quotes countless chapters that prove Islam’s “perfect man,” the only example by which Muslims are commanded to live, was nothing more than a white, bigoted slave master who has led 1.6 billion souls into submitting to a primitive ideology.
Pointing out Muhammad’s fair-skinned features, Wood reads hadith verses in which multiple witnesses and authors describe their beloved prophet’s naturally pale complexion. For reference, I’ve provided all quotes with unbiased hyperlinks to official hadith websites that also contain the original Arabic:
He made his camel kneel down in the mosque, tied its foreleg and then said: “Who amongst you is Muhammad?” At that time the Prophet was sitting amongs us leaning on his arm. We replied, “This white man reclining on his arm.” [Bukhari 63]
“I saw the Messenger of Allah with a white complexion and some white hairs.” [Muslim 2343]
“I said to him: ‘Did you see the Messenger of Allah?’ He said: ‘Yes, he was white with an elegant face.'” [Muslim 43]
…the whiteness of his shins. [Ahmad 15273]
…the whiteness of the thigh of Allah’s Prophet. [Bukhari 371]
…the whiteness of his stomach. [Bukhari 2837]
…the whiteness of the armpits of the Messenger of Allah… [Majah 881]
…the whiteness of his cheeks… [Majah 914]
Islamic Text On Muhammad's Racism Prove There Should Be No Black Muslims
According to his closest companions and most dedicated followers, Muhammad was so white, he was easily identifiable by his pale features.
Again, I’ve provided each of the word-for-word scriptures with links to the original Arabic, which has never been edited since the time it was written:
I went to (the house of the Prophet) and behold, Allah’s Messenger was staying in a Mashruba (attic room) and a black slave of Allah’s Messenger was at the top of its stairs. [Bukhari 7263]
Allah’s messenger was on a journey and he had a black slave called Anjasha, and he was driving the camels (very fast, and there were women riding on those camels). [Bukhari 6161]
The man from Banu Ad-Dubaib, who was called Rifa’ah bin Zaid, gave the Messenger of Allah a black slave who was called Mid’am. [an-Nasa’i 3827]
Wood clarifies that, according to the hadith, Muhammad beheaded men and children, had sex with a 9-year-old girl, and raided caravans, but he would go to Jannah (paradise) and his black slave who simply took a cloak for himself before the booty was divided was burning in hell.
Islamic Text On Muhammad's Racism Prove There Should Be No Black Muslims
The Islamic hadith describes the “whiteness” of nearly every body part of Muhammad.
It is unknown how many black slaves Muhammad owned during his lifetime, but in Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya’s Provisions of the Afterlife, he names 30 of the Islamic prophet’s dark-skinned personal property. Of course, Allah’s messenger believed that black slaves were half the worth of Arab slaves, proving this by trading two of his own blacks for one Arab Muslim in an-Nasa’i 4625.
Adding insult in slavery, Muhammad told his followers that mindless submission to Islamic authority is so important that “you should listen to and obey your Imam even if he was an Ethiopian slave whose head looks like a raisin.” Again, we see the racist prophet referring to African features as being raisin-like. Still, Muhammad makes it clear that women are even lower than black slaves, reminding that they should never be appointed as rulers.
Again, Islam’s prophet offensively announced that if anyone wants to see the face of Satan, just look at Nabtal, his black slave, who has long-flowing hair, flaming eyes, and dark, ruddy cheeks.

Of course, we can see the effects of Muhammad’s racism, supremacy, and slavery on blacks today, as there are at least 14 million blacks owned by Muslims to this day.
Coming around full circle, we can see the ignorance of the majority of Islam’s followers. Muhammad was a racist white man, Satan is a black man, and Islam is the quickest growing religion among the black community. Blacks throughout the world are continuing to convert to a religion whose “perfect man” owned blacks of his own and continues to own them today through ignorant submission.
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