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10 Google URLs You Probably Don’t Know

1) SignUp Without Gmail
It is lesser known facts about the Gmail SignUp URL, you can SignUp or create new user accuont from this exclusive Google URL using your current or any other email address as your Username of this new account. In regular Signup procedure you need to use your email address as Username. But here you have an option to create new or use any one existing email address as your Username.
2) Google Ads Preferences

 Google note down your data which includes sites you visit most times, Google+ account info, Searched queries and other signals. And Google use it to create your profile and aim to presume your Gender, Age & Interests from it and then use this all to provide the more relevant ads when you visit any site. From this Google URL you can see What type of ads Google serves you and how to see you on Internet.
3) Download All Your Google Data

Google accepts data from you to SignUp and keep it secure and Every Google user Upload photos, on Google+, Store contacts in Gmail, save messages or templates and also YouTube videos created by you this all your data keep stored at one place by Google. You can download this data using this URL. Takeout page make available your data to download such as Gmail messages, email contacts, your photos and YouTube videos. Takeout page provides download links to you.

4) Google Legal Removal Requests

This Google URL is one of the helpful URL from others to take legalize action & prevent your content from copy. If you observe your content used by another website using one or more products Adsense, Blogger, YouTube or Google+ you can fill DMCA complaint against that website with Google to get the content removed from site. It is also use to eliminate that website from Google search results which using your content. Google doesn’t have rights to sell or expose your contents to other websites or Third party softwares. This Google URL can help us to take action on Google.
5) Google Location History

This Google URL features to record your data relating to Postal code from Map, Location & Velocity using your Android Device. Google servers trace your Android device and your device keep reporting you’re current location, Velocity (your speed how fast you moving if you moving). You can get your complete location history in at this Google Map website. Your location history files are KML files can be able to download but these files capable to open inside Google Earth or Google Drive. Google Drive or Google Earth helps you to Read data from KML files.
6) Google History

This website heads to your search history and Google ads you clicked past on different websites. Google keep record of your entire search terms you have searched using Google Search Engine. And also Google mark the ads you have clicked on all website you visited. All this data keep place at one place and this URL leads you there.
7) Google Inactive Service

Google have built some Program Policies for their enormous mailing service Gmail. According to that User needs to login their account once in 9 months otherwise it leads you to the termination of your Gmail account. Therefore Google wants you to login your Gmail account at least once in 9 months. This matter head over when you have multiple Google accounts. If you don’t want to face account termination you need to setup your main Gmail account as trusted. And then you get reminder every month to login your other Gmail accounts. This Google URL helps you to set the login reminders for other Gmail accounts.
8) Google Account Activity

If you doubt your Google account is not secure, someone stole your password and using Google account for different purpose. This Google URL give you account log in history. Google have your account Log in data which you can access using above URL. You get data relating to device used for login and IP address with approximate Geographic location of account login. From this detailed info you can verify anyone is using your account or not.
9) Google Security Permissions

Here the website give options related to permission for handover Google data to mobile apps, web apps, browser extensions and Google Scripts. Permission is asked by Google to give access to your account data by this apps or extensions. But Google hand over your account data when app or extension asks for basic account info. It means you able to login that app using Google account.

10) Password Reset

*Just replace domain name in above URL, it is your web domain name
This Google URL is most important from all which give chance to reset password of Google account (Google Apps users) if it is get hacked. This URL link is secret to reset admin password. You need create CNAME in your DNS to verify domain name(domain verification asked in Password reset process for Google Apps) for retune new password.
Above mentioned URLs essential to every user. These URLs give brief description of Google services provided for Users. Now you know there is Google account is not Google+, Blogger or Gmail there are many more accounts behind one Google account that accounts for different purposes but user doesn’t know about these all. URLs are different for that accounts therefore user missed out this special services.
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