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Health benefits of banana


Bananas are one of nature’s great snack foods, they may be eaten in their whole form, sliced into fruit salad or mashed and added to cake and bread recipes.
Adding a banana to your daily diet has an array of benefits in your body.
Helps digestion
Bananas are a great source of dietary fibre that most of us don’t get nearly enough of. Fibre helps the food you eat move smoothly through the digestive tract and improves elimination.

A couple of bananas may be a healthier choice than laxatives to treat occasional constipation.
Good for ulcers
Eating bananas regularly may help protect against stomach ulcers. Compounds in bananas create a thicker protective barrier in the stomach against hydrochloric acid.
Bananas also contain protease inhibitors that work to eliminate certain bacteria in the stomach implicated as a major cause of stomach ulcers.
A hangover cure
Bananas are a great hangover food for mornings when you’ve overdone it a bit the night before.
A couple of bananas in a blender with ice, some berries and coconut milk or organic cow’s or goat’s milk make a really good recovery drink.
Improves mood and reduces stress
Bananas are a good source of the amino acid tryptophan which your body converts to serotonin.
 Proper serotonin levels help improve your mood, reduce stress and enhance your general outlook and happiness levels. It also helps regulate good sleep patterns.
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